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A wedding for many of us is one of the most important days in life, so we try to do everything to make it perfect. Wedding decorations play an important role on this big day. These are very diverse, so each couple can choose the decorations they are really interested in.

Wedding decorations will create the atmosphere you dream about. Glamour accessories, boho or maybe rustic? The choice is only up to you.


The decorations presented in our rental shop are characterised by a unique and original look, as well as the highest quality. But where to start to make your wedding beautiful and unforgettable?


At the beginning of preparing the setting, it is worth taking care of decorations that will match your invitations. Colours, texture (lace, satin, cord), text (serious or playful)- it all has to match your theme. If you chose invitations with your photo from the photo booth (with moustache and funny glasses), do not surprise your guests with a multitude of golden accessories - heavy candelabra do not work here. Choose clear candle holders with simple candles…


Then you need to think about the decorations of the church: lanterns, welcome board, candles, corsages- those accessories must fit as well into the interior of the church and should be rather subtle. Do you want to go crazy a bit? Provide your guests confetti shot, which will surely delight everyone leaving the church.


wedding decorations
wedding decorations for hire

We finally got to the reception room, and here we have a lot to show off. Balloons, giant letters, flower walls, sweet table, table linen - it should all be coherent and compatible. It is worth to reach for your wedding decorations like flower walls, table plans and welcome boards, as well as beautiful decorations for the church and the outdoor ceremony. Floral circles with the names of the Bride and Groom are also extremely popular and eagerly chosen.



Decorations for a wedding need to be consistent and in one style. The flower wall behind the young couple and the table should create unity. It is also worth reaching for the decorations of the open-air ceremony, decorations for the bride and groom's chairs, wooden wheels and hoops with the names of the newlyweds. Among the decorations of wedding halls, materials such as tulle and satin cannot be omitted.


But remember, there is a lot of it, you and your guests will spend some time there so don’t give them a headache with measure and variety. You can also have some charger plates if you like those.


To sum up, it is good to prepare each of these elements for your wedding, because they create a whole that will allow you to build unforgettable memories of that big day. We are here to help! All our wedding decorations are carefully made, thanks to which they give an extremely elegant and stylish effect if that is your wedding idea. If you dream about boho style wedding we have something too. We invite you to view the entire range in our rental store.


If you not good into wedding ideas call us! We are happy to recommend you as we know how big that day is for you.

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