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My name is Hannah.

Upon planning my own wedding I noticed a significant gap in London's wedding and event industry. Searching for unusual, handmade, extraordinary decorations I could see them just in Paris, US, Sydney. Companies with an amazing decorations to hire that I found on Pinterest or Instagram appears to be based in other countries. 

Wall drapes, white bird cages, chiffon chair covers, it can be found on every wedding in UK and in my opinion, it does not make it original. That is not was I was looking for.


In that case, I decided to take matters into my own hands and take care of it myself.

I always loved and was familiar with home decor, matching colors together to create neat, glamour, surprising decor arrangements. This time I needed to transfer it on the vision of my big day. And that is what I did!

After many compliments and delights collected from family, friends, and people who cooperate with me during the wedding I decided to get into the world of decoration a little creating my own decorations rental.


In my range of decorations, you will not find crazy, mismatch colors. 

My decorations are chosen and made by my own style and sense of taste. Every collection was my own vision of the wedding which I would like to have if I could experience this magic day once again. 

My solutions can help you to create your own perception of your wedding by mixing blossomania elements with flowers and textiles. If you like to shine like a princess, you will find many gold, shimmering decorations. For more modest couples you will see marble, glamour elements. With Blossomania you can mix and match or hire by collection.

However, remember that you and your partner are the one, the most beautiful, the most blooming detail of that day.


Hope you will like my ideas and find decorations that will help you make your big day so special... 



Where do you come from?


I was born in South West of Poland. 10 years in UK.


Favourite colour




Do you have pets?


Yes, a cat. My lovely fluffy Puffin. 


Who is your Ultimate Bias?


Martha Steward

One food you hate


Anything with brussels sprouts


Favourite movie


,,The Grand Budapest Hotel"


Do you have kids?


Yes, I am a mum.


How old are you?



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