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table plans and welcome boards

Welcome boards and table plans are an important element of the wedding reception decoration. They are an announcement of the decor of the venue and at the same time an elegant information board with a table plan.


The look of chart or welcome board depends on the wedding or event style and colour you have chosen. In our range of table plans you can find those that match our flower walls. Hiring decoration by ready prepared collection makes everything much easier and joins the elements into one amazing, planned in every detail decor!

ALL OUR BOARDS COMES WITH EASEL (white or gold depending on availability)


Pink Bloom Frame

Compatible with Pink Bloom Wall can be use as welcome sign, table plan or any other of your idea. One thing is certain, it will play an impressive role as a decorative element.


Giselle Table plan

Table plan rich in hydrangeas, roses and peonies. All in dusty rose, nude shades, exactly like Giselle Flower Wal.

 Inform your guests where they will seat in a glamorous, floral style.


forever green frame

If your event theme is rich in foliage that is must have frame on your big day.

Attracts attention and gives a wow effect. A perfect match with Forever Green. Say yes to foliage.


Giselle welcome board

Welcome boards are now must-have on every event. It presents so glamour style, ensures your guests that you took care about every detail and look amazing as a souvenir on the photos.


Beautiful acrylic welcome sign with gold, vinyl lettering. Includes a floral detail ,exactly the same as you can find in Secret Garden Wall. The perfect finishing touch to your special day.

Skylar Wall_edited_edited.jpg

These shades are some of the most popular this season. Subdued white and calm blue is a class by itself. We are sure that if you are attracted by this welcome snack, you will not be able to resist the whole collection

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