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Why Candid Wedding Photos are better than Posed Photos

If you’ve never heard of a candid style wedding photographer, then you should spend a few minutes getting to know why your next London wedding photographer should know candid photography.

‘Candid’ photographs have become all the rage in weddings these days because they can truly capture the moment and freeze everyone’s emotions and joy in time. Compared to boring, scripted and structured photos, candid photos can easily produce some of the most fun and natural moments during a wedding photography session.

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These moments can be the couple happily walking out of the church after the ceremony, surrounded by their loved ones with hugs and kisses going around, the bride and groom showing off dance moves they practiced just for the big day or a bride giving her father a heartfelt hug before walking down the aisle together.

Why it’s good to go with a Candid Style Wedding Photographer

Candid photos are all about capturing moments when people are having fun being themselves, as opposed to posing for the camera a certain way. This is why working with a London wedding photographer who’s well-versed in candid photography lets you capture the most treasured and unbelievable moments on your big day.

A candid London wedding photographer is often referred to as a documentary wedding photographer as well. People are now working with them because every shot taken is real, with no predefined poses or scripted moves. Photos are taken instinctively with people often unaware that they are being photographed. This makes for some amazingly natural and candid shots which you can treasure for a lifetime and enjoy a good laugh when friends and family are over. Every emotion, every moment is captured in its true essence.

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What is Candid Photography and how did it start?

Candid style wedding photography or documentary wedding photography is a genre of photography where a photojournalist tells a story about how the wedding day unfolded – merely by observing what’s happening without altering the natural course of events.

This particular style of wedding photography originates from photojournalism, where photographers use candid photos to support the articles they publish.

When you work with an experienced documentary wedding photographer in London, you can bet your wedding photos will turn out fresh, original, exciting, modern and completely unrehearsed.

The demand for candid style wedding photographers to document the various stories of a wedding reception has increased monumentally in the last few years. This shift to a documentary wedding photographer in London has taken place because couples can now clearly perceive the difference between candid wedding photos and traditional ones.

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Closing thoughts on hiring a Candid London Wedding Photographer

A wedding photo album oozing with candid moments and expressions is far more exciting than one where everyone is following directions to strike poses and ‘wear’ expressions. It makes a lot of sense to hire a candid style wedding photographer in this day and age to help create those perfectly natural moments.

Patryk Stanisz is a London wedding photographer who loves documenting those very special moments of your big day. Get in touch with Patryk for an amazing wedding photography experience.



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