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5 things you definitely need to do before your wedding

When charger plates are polishing and flower wall is installing you know that your big day is coming so soon.

Preparations for a wedding can be really stressful and tiring. No wonder that a few days before the ceremony you only dream about saying the sacramental "YES" and at the same time having things related to the organisation out of your mind. If you've already completed most of the formalities, you only need to remember to check the small details like wedding decorations and how is the work on your bouquet going. Then and you still have some time until the big day- that time is a treasure!

We have prepared for you a list of 5 things you should do a few days before your wedding to relax and clear your mind. Believe us, you will not regret it!


Just before the wedding, you should visit a beautician to get nails that will match your wedding dress. This is also a good time for a trial make-up and wedding hairstyle if you haven't had time for it yet.

It is better to give up treatments, to which you are not sure how your body and skin, e.g. your face, will react to them. Moisturising masks and gentle care are recommended, but don't overdo it. And we say a big YES to massage treatments – chocolate massage, hot stones massage or just swedish relaxing treatment- they will make your muscles free of tense and relaxed. You deserve it!


There is nothing more stressful like your new shoes that have slippery soles (think about your first dance) or they are just uncomfortable during a first few hours of wearing. Break your shoes if you haven't already, be sure to walk in your wedding shoes! The day before the wedding is the last moment. You can walk around the apartment in them, putting in the last details, go to the store - remember that you will spend the whole night in them and they just have to be comfortable!

wedding shoes


A few days before your wedding day, you shouldn't forget to sleep. It is very important because without it you will become distracted and your mood during your wedding day may not be the best. Try to calm down and not think for a moment about things related to the organisation. Give yourself a moment to relax and sleep well.

The day before the wedding, you can prepare a relaxing bath in warm water. Make the evening really enjoyable and relaxing, you can read a book and use your favourite beauty cosmetics.

After bathing, you can prepare fresh bedding and put the phone aside. Try not to go to bed too late, so that in the morning you won't have problems getting up.

sleep before big day


In addition to conversations directly about the wedding, also discuss more relaxing topics. You can remember the old days, the moment you met and all the nice times you lived together.

It is a good idea to view photos together. You will be able to better remember common vacations, holidays and outings. Perhaps you will be reminded of funny situations that you do not remember on a daily basis, but are a really nice memory.

couple wedding


Hydration is paramount to look good and feel great. The day before the wedding, drink a minimum of 2 litres of water to replenish the deficiencies in cells and get rid of any swelling. Taking fluids additionally cleanses the body of toxins, thanks to which your complexion will be more radiant on the wedding day.

wedding day preparation

Believe us, on your wedding day, your heart should beat faster with love and excitement, not with stress. Enjoy your perfect day as much as you can – admire your weddings decorations, talk with your family and don’t forget to capture those moments in a front of a perfect flower wall - you never know where the photographer is hiding– your wedding background must be unique!



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