Our pride! Definitely the most popular flower wall at Blossomania. Works perfectly with every event theme! Giselle is lush, full of hydrangeas, roses and peonies A soft mix of nudes, pinks and creams. It gives a gorgeous, delicate background for every event. 

Boho Theme is still on tap is and will never get bored. Our Dreamcatcher backdrop to hire is ideal as a background for the ceremony- perfect for your exchange of vows, a separate blessing or for posing under for photos post-ceremony.

Floral arches are very much in vogue and look simply stunning as a backdrop for photographs. Our multi-coloured flower arch to hire suits any colourful event theme. Decorative, pastel balls add a modern effect and bind the colour arch. Perfect for outdoor weddings!

This wall will delight everyone. It is inspired by the famous Dior flower wall.
Full of pink, burgundy flowers, mixed with shiny ficus leaves
Perfect for garden party events or weddings with a multi-coloured theme.


gold easel

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