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golden flower stand

Create a relaxing glam and give any event a modern feel with this stylish golden flower stand.

Stands guarantee a very nice and glamour look. Fits with all flowers and make every floral arrangements unique. 

Dress up you tables with Blossomania London Hire.


Available quantity (MOQ - 4)   31A 100cm - 15pcs

31B 80cm - 15pcs

31C 60cm - 15pcs


PRICE:  31A 100cm -  £18

31B 80cm - £15

  31C 60cm - £10

Price above is a rental price 




PRODUCT CODE: 31A or 31B or 31C



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100cm stand                          80cm stand                          60cm stand

Code: 31a
Code: 31b
Code: 31c

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