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5 reasons why hiring decorations is better than buying them.

Looking at Blossomania London or any other hiring wedding decoration website and you are thinking…is hiring decorations actually more beneficial than buying? Of course it is! Below you can find a few reasons why…

gold theme wedding
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  1. Hiring decorations is less expensive than buying.

If you are trying to cut the cost of your wedding or event and avoid going over your budget, then the obvious choice will be using wedding rentals company. The cost of hiring your decorations can be even 10 times cheaper than the retail price of the items. Certainly, the money saved on hiring, will be better spent on honeymoon of your dreams.

2. Renting decoration is for people who value their time.

If you could count all the time spent on searching for prefect decor that goes well with your wedding theme in every single detail, you would be very surprised. It is a long consuming time process because those kind of items are niche and unusual (for example floral charger plates). Completing the right amount of the same item requires sometimes purchasing in several different stores. In that case, finally products may vary. Remember also that companies have different shipping and delivery times. To complete all your decorations before the big day can be tricky. Well, if you have time - good for you! That can be funny and interesting otherwise it is just wasting the time that do not have.

If you are planing to resell your decorations after you day, you also need to have time to find buyer, advertising, posting all the products.

To sum up, if you want to avoid wasting time on searching, transporting, setting up, washing (charger plates, tablecloths, cutlery), cleaning (candelabra), then renting is much easier option for you!

gisele flower wall
flower wall

3. No problem with storage

Choice of wedding decorations is not easy and definitely you should not do that on the last minute. When you are renting your decorations, you do not need to worry about the place or storage for keeping them as we deliver 1-2 days before event. In case of flower walls, which is large and heavy, delivery is planned on the same day or evening before your big day, so you don’t need to ask family or neighbours to store it at their garage.

After your event, we collect the products immediately or in the morning day after.

4. Wide range of products that meet requirements trends of the year.

We are specialised in hiring products on different occasion. That is why we know what works, matches and what is the most popular wedding theme in particular year. We have to know it to stay high in our business and we are good in that!

The best quality, well chosen shades, sizes, you can leave it with us – we keep our ears to the ground! Big choice of decorations that we have, will let you hire all dream wedding accessories in one place without leaving your home (you can order online).

5. Outsourcing

Hiring with Blossomania make your wedding easy to plan and more exciting. You are able to know even a few months before what your decorations will look like so you can start to plan other things earlier like florist, venue. We are your time saver and you can be sure that everything will be buttoned up to the last detail.

Wishing you just the most perfect events….

Hannah from Blossomania



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