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A new friend of Blossomania

Last weekend was extremely busy for Blossomania team. We had couple of rentals all over the London and we could not be more happy to deliver flower walls to the customers.

One of the places we visited was located in lovely town named Sidcup, just bit outside of London on south-east side. We met lovely Agata from TheLightFull Studio and we were astonished by her studio.

studio photography

photo by @TheLightFull.Studio

Studio is based on the back of the house, it’s very modern building where you can find everything you need to make even the longest photo shoot. Great backgrounds, fabulous lights equipment, beauty corner and a lot of space to work with. You can mix styles with from modern to vintage by variety of furniture. Free parking and Wi-Fi is also available.

photo by @TheLightFull.Studio

When you meet Agata you can be sure she prepared everything to perfection. It was a pleasure for us to work with such a professional person.

Highly recommended.



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